Some of my Test Videos


One of the things most people who first encounter my sabers say is, “They feel so real!”  And when I tell them to hit a test blade against another test blade as hard as they can, they first won’t do it, thinking they’ll break the blade or the hilt, but I keep encouraging them to go all out, and when they finally let loose, they’re amazed at how strong my sabers really are.  So, I’ve made some test videos to show you how durable my props really are.  So, below you’ll find some blade and body tests that are pretty interesting.

Another thing I’ve heard recently are long time fans of my work telling me that the cross guard saber was inspired by my Light Claymore designs.  I’m not sure if that’s true or not, but I’ve been making cross guard light up sabers for over ten years now.  I’ve made broad sword style hilts, and claymore style  hilts, as well as cage-rapier style sabers, with both straight and bent style grips.  I began making these in late 2004/early 2005 and posting them on my site.  I created these hilts with the Ren-fair fighters in mind, and I got great response from people because they were weighted and balanced like the all steel counterpart, but could be used at night, since the blades could be seen in total darkness.  Once I saw the first trailer for The Force Awakens, I was a little shocked to see a cross guard hilt being used.  It’s a cool looking design with the guard lighting up, so I went into the shop that night and threw together a light-up version for myself.  I decided to make a video on the subject, since a lot of hubbub on the net began about how impractical a cross guard hilt would be.  I think they’re pretty cool and so long as the user knows what they’re doing, would be pretty effective in dueling.

Finally, I’m a huge fan of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files book series.  I made a few Dresden inspired props and have a couple videos of the blasting rod designs I came up with.  One of my very good friends did me a huge favor and presented Jim with my first Blasting Rod at WyrdCon, a couple years ago.  Jim also got to play with a couple of my Light up Sabers, and was impressed.  I got to talk with Jim on the phone, and he was great.  He said he’d put the blasting rod in his writing room, which he did while he was finishing up Skin Game.  I am incredibly honored that he did that.  I admire his work tremendously, and he seems like an amazing person.  Thanks, Jim.


The Light Claymore with Steel Cross Guard and Light Up Cross Guard


Lightsaber vs Steel Pole


Lightsaber vs Shotgun (12ga. #8 bird shot)


Lightsaber vs Shotgun (12ga. buckshot)


Lightsaber vs .36 cal. cap & ball revolver


A closer look at the saber after the gun tests


Light Up Magical Rod, inspired by Dresden Files.  This is my personal prop.


Jim Butcher is given my prototype blasting rod as a gift!


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Just started work on my next batch of sabers.  A new video with one of them is coming soon… Durability test like you’ve never seen before.  Heh.


Got the first group of saber vs gun test videos.  These were a blast to make but a lot of work.  Happy… happy… happy…


Lightsaber vs Shotgun (12 ga. #8 bird shot)



Lightsaber vs Shotgun (12ga. buckshot)


Lightsaber vs .36 cal. cap & ball revolver


A closer look at the saber after the gun tests

I’ll try to get some photos and close ups of the making of this set of tests.  After I get my current batch of custom sabers and store sabers done, I’m going to begin work on a few new tests.  I will be doing some more gun tests, and maybe even try to actually destroy one of my sabers just to see what it takes.  And I have a fanfilm I want to get started on.

Plus, I’m working on a new project that will only work if others get involved.  Once I go live with the new website, I’ll let everyone know what’s happening with it.  It’s a very cool idea, and I think it will really do some good for people.





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