Just started work on my next batch of sabers.  A new video with one of them is coming soon… Durability test like you’ve never seen before.  Heh.


Got the first group of saber vs gun test videos.  These were a blast to make but a lot of work.  Happy… happy… happy…


Lightsaber vs Shotgun (12 ga. #8 bird shot)



Lightsaber vs Shotgun (12ga. buckshot)


Lightsaber vs .36 cal. cap & ball revolver


A closer look at the saber after the gun tests

I’ll try to get some photos and close ups of the making of this set of tests.  After I get my current batch of custom sabers and store sabers done, I’m going to begin work on a few new tests.  I will be doing some more gun tests, and maybe even try to actually destroy one of my sabers just to see what it takes.  And I have a fanfilm I want to get started on.

Plus, I’m working on a new project that will only work if others get involved.  Once I go live with the new website, I’ll let everyone know what’s happening with it.  It’s a very cool idea, and I think it will really do some good for people.





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