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The Hilts

Advanced Light hilts are usually made from carbon steel or stainless steel.  The use of steel in my sabers adds to the realism, durability, and balance that you won’t find anywhere else.  This does not look or feel like a toy, like most sabers on the market today.  Cheaply made sabers are usually fabricated from plastics and lightweight aluminum and are usually designed for show rather than for active use.  Lightweight aluminum does not usually hold up well to hard, or prolonged use, which is why I use steel.  My steel sabers have reinforced rear grips, steel pommels, and steel threading.  And even though I make many custom sabers as collectable fine art pieces, they are still designed and fabricated to handle the stresses of full-contact dueling if you choose to do so.  Advanced Light does not encourage or suggest you duel with a Light Up Saber. 

Check out some of my durability tests!


The Light Claymore with Steel Cross Guard and Light Up Cross Guard


Lightsaber vs Steel Pole


Lightsaber vs Shotgun (12ga. #8 bird shot)


Lightsaber vs Shotgun (12ga. buckshot)


Lightsaber vs .36 cal. cap & ball revolver


A closer look at the saber after the gun tests


Light Up Magical Rod, inspired by Dresden Files.  This is my personal prop.


Jim Butcher is given my prototype blasting rod as a gift!