If you’re looking for the best quality, most uniquely designed, and toughest custom Light Up Sabers and prop Blaster Guns available anywhere, then you’ve come to the right place!  Advanced Light Weaponry props are beautifully handcrafted pieces of functional Science Fiction and Fantasy artwork.  Whether you plan to use your saber as a collectable, cosplay prop, dueling “weapon”, or film prop, ALW is the way to go.  I produce a wide array of sabers and blasters, each one created with an incredible attention to detail and function.  You will love what I can make for you.  Work with me on your own design, or pick up something amazing from my stores.
Although I primarily make custom sabers and guns, I make  items for  my Ebay and Etsy stores. When I have the time to make artwork for the stores, it goes up.  So, please feel free to check on in on them to see if there’s anything currently available. Thanks!
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