Rifle Types


Steampunk, Modern, Science Fiction, and Fantasy motifs can be incorporated into the design of these long guns.  I make them primarily from steel to give the prop a realistic feel and weight.  This is great for the collector, who wants something as realistic as possible, but it also works great for the film maker.  Having prop weapons that actually are weighted and balanced like a real weapon, means the actors will be moving them around realistically, and they’ll be able to handle the abuse of being on set.  The suspension of disbelief can be very quickly broken by an obviously foam or plastic rifle being swung around like a toy.  My prop rifles won’t allow that to happen, because they’re as close to real as you can get.


Assault Rifles and Machine Guns


Belt Fed Machinegun









Price: $750 and up


Sniper Rifles


Sniper Blaster






Price: $750 and up












Price: $450 and up




Hot Mamma












Price: $600 and up


Rocket Launchers









Price: $850 and up